Thursday, March 26, 2009

Considering Maccha Green Tea

Ah, yes, the elixir!

... first an interesting website for anyone interested...

... with a great cartoon visit to a Japanese Tea House. Only a Japanese tea site could be this much fun! I learned more about green tea than I ever imagined might exist!

And I decided what I've been looking for all along is Maccha (or Matcha, as I occasionally spell it). Maccha tea is powdered tea and is the traditional tea used in a tea ceremony. 
I had always considered this to be way beyond anything I might ever want to concern myself, but it turns out that the process isn't all that difficult. 

A nice bowl, a scoop of the proper powdered elixir, a drop of cold water (to smooth out the powder), perhaps 100 ml of hot (not boiling, thank you) water and perhaps 30 seconds of brisk whisking with a, well, a whisk....

And then you drink.

Ah, yes. Life is good.

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