Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Baby Code....

Here is my cousin's (more or less) new baby. I've FaceBooked her to find out his name. I think it's a boy - just look at the shoulders.... What a guy!

Oh wait. I just went back to her FB site and found the name to be Smallfry or perhaps Small Fry. Good name. Here's the full quote from which I found his name:

"Just got back from taking the smallfry on a nice walk up to the local bookstore..."

But I wonder why she added the word 'the' and used the small case 's'? How odd....

It's certainly a mystery! So, let me consider.... Perhaps she was just in a hurry? Nah. Unlikely.... So what then...? Perhaps it's a code. Hmm. Is that possible? Could my cousin be using a code of some sort! Yes, the more I think about it the more I suspect it is a code.

"Just got back" is a clear inversion of 'back got just' and 'back'
is obviously a reference our president and 'just' means 'justice' so we have 'Barack got justice.'

So far so good.... 'from taking.' Must be a letter rearrangement: toking farm... Is this a drug reference?

Now for the tricky part: 'the smallfry on a nice walk to the local bookstore'

A bit harder to work out.

... nice walk to the local... Hmm.... This is a deep one, but I think I've got it. The weather was hot (small fry) and she was making a run to her local bookie. Along the way she passed a drug dealer who was selling grass (grass grows on a farm....) and called the police to report (Barack got justice). And the message is for her niece (a strategic misspelling with the word, 'nice').

So, there you go! It's either a coded message or she named her child Small Fry.... Difficult to decide which is the truth....

Or, I guess the message could just mean she took her little one on a jaunt to her local bookstore.... Nah... too obvious....

Post Script: I just found out: Small Fry's official name is 'Asher'. Not a bad choice....

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