Thursday, May 13, 2010

World's Most Expensive t-shirt

I think I've found the world's most expensive tee shirt.

It's from a place called Limited Edition New York. It's actually pretty nifty with lots of colors and a neat design. By Fabien Baron (of course...) and is from Italy (of course). A steal at $230 (import fees and shipping included...). Sizes Small and Medium only.

My personal favorite though is the Lapo Elkann t-shirt which is discounted from $215 down to only $150.50 (import fees and shipping included) -- and it's also Italian, of course. Lapo is the eccentric fellow who is trying to revamp the FIAT automobile, which I personally think is a really nifty idea. He's known to party with transsexuals and has made a Ferrari version of the FIAT 500, which has to be one of the crazier ideas of all time....

Sounds like a interesting fellow. Very Italian....


P.S. If you're interested, more info re the tee shirts may be found at where you can also get a really dramatic one piece bathing suit not for it's list price of $1580, but at a mere $790 (a 50% discount!). Or perhaps you need a complete set of underwear (complete with strawberries on the top). Well it's there for only $172 (another 50% discount...). And then there's the Salvatore Ferragamo wallet (in a choice of 3 colors) for only $417. As for a hat, well there's a safari hat by Borsalino complete with pre-rolled sides and a camo design (?) of black against brown for a mere $884.80 (a reasonable 30% discount...). Purchasing all these items at their discounted prices would save you, hmm, let me calculate.... Yes, a lot of money, at least $1200! Amazing what bargains one finds on the internet!

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